To help our customers to create competitive advantage and deliver benefits rapidly. Our solutions include the latest technologies in a reliable and scalable way. They are robust, efficient and easy to use.


To take advantage of the rise of new market oportunities in order to integrate the latest innovation technologies into robust business solutions. We are focused on three business areas: Mobile Commerce, Emergency and Workforce Management.


Customer focus: Our first priority is our customers and we measure our success in terms of customer satisfaction. To that end, we must help our customers to obtain value from our solutions, and provide excellent support. We would rather be best than biggest.

Innovation: We can only compete successfully by remaining at the technological leading edge of our field. We must innovate continuously, maintain an up-to-date portfolio of solutions, and leverage the latest available technologies.

Expertise: We have experiencie in managing and analysing big data of location information and activity of mobile phones, as well as GIS systems. Genasys has been working in mobility solutions for more than 2 decades. Our solutions provide services to the most demanding conditions of reliability and criticality to mobile operators, official organizations and big companies. Moreover, we know the industry business to which we are addressing, so that our solutions add immediate value to our customers.

Teamwork and excellence: Our work environment should emphasize professional excellence and teamwork. We provide proffesional training, encourage improvement, achieve objectives and mutual respect. We assume big challenges and we are proud of the expertise level that our resources show every day.

International vocation: Our teamwork is made of people from multiple nationalities. We also have first level customers across the four continents.